Communist Party IS Now Labour

Anyone ever doubting the Communists getting into bed with what’s left of the Labour Party? Doubt no more…… The Communist Party participated alongside “Labour” comrades in the People’s Assembly and Health Campaigns Together demonstrations on February 3 to defend the NHS, unveiling a new dedicated banner and distributing a special issue of its Unity! bulletin. The party’s trade union organiser, Andy Bain, urged solidarity with striking railway … Continue reading Communist Party IS Now Labour

Labour’s Abuse Problem

Sarah Ditum   (from  Labour has an abuse problem. Or it has a problem with stories about abuse, which are exaggerated for partisan reasons then publicised by a hostile right-wing media. Or it doesn’t have a problem with abuse, which is the problem, because abuse is tolerated and tacitly encouraged from the very top of the party. Tell me which of these positions you hold, … Continue reading Labour’s Abuse Problem

General Secretary Infighting

The fight for Labour’s General Secretary position has once again shown up the deep cracks in the Labour Party. One MP described the choice between Jon Lansmann and Unite’s Jennie Formby as a choice beween vomit and puke. Is the fight worth losing footsoldiers over? Jeremy Corbyn seems to think so… With Jeremy Corbyn apparently asking power-crazed Lansman not to stand and Unite threatening to withdraw … Continue reading General Secretary Infighting

Corbyn’s Dodgy Economists

Magic Money Tree “Economics Expert” Richard Murphy is a low grade Norfolk accountant whose plan for quantitative easing amounted to printing money to ‘magically deal with all the public service and public investment needs that we have’. Extraordinarily, a remote London University College not known for its economics courses  has appointed him as a Professor – Murphy is Professor of Practice in International Political Economy … Continue reading Corbyn’s Dodgy Economists

Momentum Brownshirts Attack Mogg

Last night at the University of the West of England in Bristol, Momentum Brownshirts, with masks covering their faces, followed the command of John McDonnell and disrupted Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg’s speech to students: Why would these fascists be inspired to do such a thing? We shall unmask these cowards and the rest of the thugs of Momentum so the UK police can input them … Continue reading Momentum Brownshirts Attack Mogg