Don’t Bother Paying Tax

The Momentum machine, like the Nazi Party, has a dual approach to propaganda: promoting promotional propaganda units and targeting enemy free speech.

The latter is achieved via the social media troll factory and virtual engagement and funding, focusing on advertiser harassment. Also, by supporting initiatives like Stop Funding Hate, who are in turn vehement supporters (like Sheila Sullivan) of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Modus Operandi of the promotional propaganda units all seem to chime with a top-down initiative to raise funds through crowdfunding, while limiting liability through off-the-shelf limited companies, which can be run into the ground by Companies House when no filings are made by their owners.

Take Novara Media Ltd, the company which controls pro-Corbyn website Novara Media. It was dissolved via compulsory strike-off by Companies House. Momentum thug Aaron Bastani’s company had failed to file its confirmation statement or act when issued with a notice for compulsory strike-off back in October 2017. The Corbynista site’s assets were then passed to the Crown. Novara continues to operate via its virtual presence here and continues to raise funds.

Take Evolve Media Limited, a limited company previously dissolved via voluntary strike-off and now returned as Evolve Politics, run by Jessica Amy Miller, a Corbyn troll from St Ives in Cornwall based in London. Senior Editor Matt Turner appears on Sputnik. It too seeks to raise funds via its website.

So, what happens to these funds? Do they go to pay debts owed by the irresponsible managers of these companies?


The same questions can be asked of the notorious Canary and Skwawkbox.

Rampart has been in touch with Companies House officials who say that these entities owe funds to the Exchequer and should no longer be operational.

Interestingly, they are all monitored by Impress, Max Mosley’s forlorn attempt at creating a press regulator.

We have requested that the Companies House investigation into these entities be made public and copies be handed to the Electoral Commission, who are undertaking a more widespread investigation into all financial matters related to Lansmann’s Momentum.

Who signed these fake news websites up to Impress?

What part do Hacked Off play in Corbyn’s plans for press regulation “once he’s in Downing Street”?

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