Electoral Commission: Finding the Corpses

The Electoral Commission on the 7th of December 2017 announced it had opened an investigation to establish whether Momentum, a registered non-party campaigner at the 2017 UK Parliamentary General Election, breached campaign finance rules in relation to spending.

The investigation will look at:

  1. whether or not Momentum spent in excess of the spending limits for an unauthorised non-party campaigner in the UK Parliamentary general election;
  2. whether or not Momentum submitted a return that did not include accurate donation information and/or the required declaration stating that the donation return was complete and accurate;
  3. whether or not Momentum submitted a return that was not a complete statement of payments made in respect of controlled expenditure;
  4. whether or not Momentum submitted a return that did not include all invoices for payments of more than £200.
  5. It is possible that during the course of the investigation, the Commission will identify potential contraventions and/or offences under PPERA other than those set out above

Point 5 is the most interesting one.

When the Electoral Commission investigates Momentum’s crowdfunding partnerships, it will notice one company in particular called Crowdpac. On further examination the Electoral Commission investigators will notice that Crowdpac’s CEO is none other than Steve Hilton, David Cameron’s ex strategic adviser. Indeed, they will find that Hilton’s software/web platform has been utilised for the messaging, campaigning and funding of Momentum.

Cameron’s ex strategic adviser has all the contact details of all Momentum members and no doubt he will be very cooperative with the authorities as they shape point 5.

Point 5 should read: “we are investigating multiple illegal payments from corrupt use of Unions, multiple membership payments from one same account to fraudulently inflate membership numbers, and whether these donations were paid via proxy from a foreign source.”

Steve Hilton now makes his living hosting a weekly show for the Fox News Channel called The Next Revolution and is a proponent of what he calls “positive populism”.

Taking funds from Russians and destroying the UK’s opposition party are not labels Mr Hilton will wish to stick.

Expect bend-over-backwards cooperation from Hilton, Electoral Commission.

Time to decorate that dacha outside of St Petersburg, Lansmann.

Your goose is cooked, comrade.

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