Momentum Labour Infighting on Anti-Antisemitism

An Open Letter to Tony Greenstein and Jack Conrad from Gerry Downing:

Neither Ian Donovan nor Gerry Downing are responsible for what Gilad Atzmon thinks and writes or his mistaken postmodern methodology. However his views are motivated by a hatred of Zionism and its weaponising of the Holocaust to justify their treatment of the Palestinians. A stance and the reasons for it you never acknowledge.

And you Tony Greenstein are a cowardly witchhunter whose central aspiration is to witch hunt those revolutionary socialists and consistent anti imperialists of Socialist Fight and others in order to prove to “the Board of Deputies and other Zionists” and the British establishment that you are still part of their programme and not beyond the pale like the Socialist Fight are. Just as the WRP and Gerry Downing were beyond the pale for you and Sean Matgamna in Brent East in 1983 when you defended the Zionist Reg Freeson against them and Ken Livingstone.

Matgamna shamefully still witch hunts Livingstone on behalf of Zionism today and you have just found another way of doing the same thing by witch hunting the WRP candidate against Freeson in 1983.

And so you must defend the Zionist establishment in the USA and elsewhere to prove you are not ‘antisemitic’ i.e. you defend a vital part of the Zionist defence of their appalling treatment of the Palestinians on the basis that they play no part in their victimisation

The guilt by association tactics you continually employ was a central feature of McCartyism during Cold War, it is central to your methods today which Jack Conrad uses to pursue his own anti Trotskyist agenda of defence of the political of Stalin, Zinoviev and Kamavev against the revolutionary internationalism of Lenin and Trotsky.

Your own backward lack of genuine internationalist anti imperialism is shown by you failure to comprehend my stance in the Andrew Neil show in March 2016, my absolute correct stance in blaming 9/11 on the crimes of imperialism in the Middle East and nor on Islam, my refusal to endorse the US bombing of ISIS, whom even Tony Blair acknowledged would not exist had he not lied with George Bush about weapons of mass destruction in order to invade Iraq in 2003.

Yours and Conrad’s are the politics of cowardly third campism and centrism in Marxist terms; half revolutionary and half reformist as pioneered by Kautsky and in the modern day by the likes of Max Shachtman and Hal Draper to reject Trotskyism, modern revolutionary socialism which unequivocally defends the heritage of the Russian Revolution as the chief inspiration for revolution today.

Rats in a sack.

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