Momentum’s Shameless Recruitment Strategy

A misogynous Momentum activist lets a bit too much slip to a friend, who posed as having some interest in joining Momentum as an activist. This conversation was leaked to Rampart. It shows how calculating Momentum activists are and how they have adopted the techniques of Soviet regimes to target women in particular.

From a Facebook DM conversation captured between a Momentum newbie and Momentum coordinator for Lewisham, Sacha Ismail:


We need to target white middle class voters. Get them agreewith Corbyn’s ideas first. Mention trains + hospitals. Renationalisations. Then once u hav the folowers, u invite them into fold and we take it from there.

So, targets r  white women 26-45 who r either working / housewifes stuck @ home. Target women in shit relationships. + Lezzas. If u see dem girls with hair cut shawt and big earrings. They wanna look like men. Get them. They are the easiest AND have $$$$s, which siw hat this is all about.

Gay men. Asians men. Black men don’t give shit re politics + white men don’t buy into us. Xcept there r hipsters. Guys in flowery shirts. Tech crowd. Sweater boys. Mentally ill r good door knocker types. Obsessed!

Old folks r made their mind up They r on board already /not. They will show up anyways.

Best way 4 u to recruit is @ the school playground bruv. Waiting moms will listen to your shit, Dan! They will fuck u 2!

Weve got ethnic angle covered. Mosques. Temples.

Go 4wimmin. Unhappy wimmin R like knifes in2 butter. So easy

If each member brings in 10 new then we win bruv. Gravy

Shameless. That’s not just the man’s grammar. Will Momentum sack Ismail? No chance.

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