Momentum’s Treasonous Insurrection

Corbynites like Emma Dent-Coad are well known Republicans and have not been shy to publicly criticise Royals. Jon Lansmann and Jeremy Corbyn are in the Republican camp also, however they are careful to stress they have no plans for the monarchy should Momentum/Labour get to power. They know full well the monarchy is popular: at least three quarters of the British public support the monarchy establishment, but the debate continues over whether the country is best served by continuing the practice of royalty.

Corbyn has said he wants to get rid of the Monarchy. The left-winger has said he believes it is “time to move on” and “call it a day” on the Royal family when the 91-year-old Queen completes her reign.

In an interview from 2001, Corbyn said both he and fellow Labour colleagues were keen to see the monarchy abolished, meaning Prince Charles and his son, William, would never be King.

What the MSM have failed to spot is the existence of a Momentum working plan for what happens to the Monarchy when the Queen dies. It is not a democratic plan that involves a referendum as legitimate Republicans insist upon. Indeed, British republicans have vowed to make the legitimate case for holding a referendum on the future of the British monarchy after the Queen’s death: Republic, a grassroots movement that has over 5,000 members and 35,000 supporters, claims the British monarchy has a history of abusing public money and meddling in politics.

In a document called “London Bridge is Down” circulating on closed Momentum groups on social media (the document is named after the alleged eponymous plan for the nation when Queen Elizabeth II dies) there are paragraphs taken from a Mick Hall article in the Hard Left blog Organised Rage:

 “Loyalty to the crown is the glue which enables a small minority class who make up just over 7% of the population to dominate the UK professions and thus the State. Public school, Oxbridge educated these people account for 71 per cent of senior judges, 62 per cent of senior officers in the armed forces, 60 per cent of senior people in the financial services, 55 per cent of top civil servants, 54 per cent of leading journalists (editors, columnists and broadcast presenters) and chief executives of FTSE-100 companies, 53 per cent of senior diplomats, 51 per cent of top medics, half of the House of Lords, and more than a third of the Tory cabinet. Wealth and allegiance to the crown and each other is the common characteristic which binds these people together.”

Momentum feels that if Labour, in its new Momentum-dominated format, is in power when the Queen dies, it can count on over 50% of the House of Commons to vote for an abolition of the oath or affirmation and then catch out Prince Charles on a technicality to force his abdication.

For this to happen, the second chamber, the House of Lords, must be abolished and replaced by a senate reflecting the lower house by proportion, so there will be no majority resistance to abolition of the monarchy from either chamber. Part of the abolition will involve a united Ireland and independence of all crown dependencies.

The two chambers can then choose a Head of State along the lines of the Republic of Ireland, where power is concentrated in the hands of the Prime Minister/ Taoiseach and not the President.

Rampart have sent a copy of this document to the security services and listed the various cadres associated with the plot.

Do Lansmann and Corbyn know about the aggressive Republican plot amongst their activists? Of course, they do. The abolition of the monarchy and what they see as a once in a lifetime opportunity to disrupt the British Deep State are promises made to outlier groups within Momentum just to maintain their cooperation and good behaviour up to the point where a Momentum-dominated Labour Party wins the Promised Land for the Hard Left – a fixed parliament of 5 years in Downing Street.

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