The Final Straw

There are Momentum members who have been suspended by the Labour Party for good reasons. Anti-Semitism, racism, misogyny, sexual harassment and a plethora of other bona fide reasons. There are Hard Left groupings, like the rape-covering SWP, Trotskyite AWL and Loach’s Left Unity who were sensibly never permitted anywhere near the Labour Party but who dissolved quite serenely into Jon Lansmann’s Momentum, as he was content to boost income and numbers.

These suspended cadres, including some suspended by Labour and Momentum, saw their only way back as a Momentum takeover of the Labour Party machine.

tweet walker

On the 15th January four out of five party members didn’t take part in Labour’s NEC elections. Jon Lansmann, Yasmine Dar and Rachel Garnham were thus duly elected to the NEC. Garnham replaced Ann Black as Chair of Labour’s Disputes Committee.

This move opens the doors to all and sundry back into the Labour Party, as dispute investigations get terminated and the policing of the Labour Party falls into the very hands of those who need policing.

Watch this space as People’s Rampart exposes the Momentum trolls and other undesirables.

field day

Yes, we shall have a field day.


ian austin

To be fair, at this point the UK is already a one party state.

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