Momentum: Trotskyite Trojans

As if reports of Momentum getting infiltrated by Trotskyites weren’t already ubiquitous, now even those kicked out from Labour are banging on the door of the new Labour Disputes Resolution Team to work a way back in to the fold.

Why would they want to?

Ask Labour Socialist Network’s Nick Wrack, who thinks Corbyn is too mainstream and wants REVOLUTION not continued kowtowing to capitalism:

I use socialism and communism as synonyms for a system that is based on a complete transformation of society, breaking with the present capitalist system and the exploitation of labour to make profit. Socialism is a society based on democratic common ownership of the means of production – land, factories, transport, technology and science. It is a society based on production for social need rather than for private profit.

…..I am now of the opinion that all Marxists should, at the very least, join Momentum. We can play a key role in helping to defend Corbyn and defeating the right. Where possible, therefore, Marxists should also join Labour. This is best done as an organised group, rather than as individuals. The purpose of joining is two-fold: to strengthen the forces in defence of Corbyn and against the rightwing in Labour and the trade unions and to argue for a Marxist ideas in the mass movement around Corbyn. There is no knowing how long this battle may last or what the outcome will be. Those coming into Momentum and into the Labour Party will include thousands of people who simply want change. But many will have no clear idea of what that change should be or how it can be accomplished. Marxists have to engage with the debate. What change? How can it be achieved? What programme is necessary?

Wrack’s position is that Momentum should be a kind of political mill pond for those on the extreme left to fish in to build their ‘Marxist’ line. Never forgetting the “vast chasm” that separates them from social democracy, that is a very substantial chunk of the Labour Party membership and support.

All eyes on the Disputes Team.