Open Letter To The Electoral Commission

Dear Electoral Commission,


You may well be looking at how many thousands of pounds of Momentum funds were used to entice votes from voters at GE2017. Where did the money go?

You may well be looking at the wrong kind of party.

You see, Momentum “bought” Labour votes by getting at young voters and knocking on the door of anyone else who might be up for a piss-up. Momentum activists took them out to parties, at which they used their notorious “persuasion” techniques to convince voters to vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

The person you ought to speak to is Momentum’s Beth Foster Ogg, whose activities Peoples Rampart will cover on a few more occasions in the near future, thanks to her inability to keep quiet in and around the office.

Here’s Brainwashed Beth, of “Unseat” notoriety, telling a paid interviewer letting slip how parties are the key:

Also look into “catch-a-lift” petrol expenses given to activists, but you’ll find the serious chunks of wonga left behind the bar of numerous pubs.

That’s what generated “hope” in those who had often never voted before.

This manifestation of angsty youthful virtue is very simple. It’s booze-fuelled.

It’s also illegal.

Yours sincerely,

Peoples Rampart