Corbyn’s Dodgy Economists

Magic Money Tree “Economics Expert” Richard Murphy is a low grade Norfolk accountant whose plan for quantitative easing amounted to printing money to ‘magically deal with all the public service and public investment needs that we have’. Extraordinarily, a remote London University College not known for its economics courses  has appointed him as a Professor – Murphy is Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University London.

Murphy calls himself a tax evasion expert, which is a tad rich as Norfolk is hardly synonymous with intricate offshore tax networks, which run rings around mere chartered accountants from Norfolk in 2018. In 2009, Murphy lost a libel claim by Lord Ashcroft and associated businesses where he misunderstood an article posted on an unrelated website and published a blog post claiming that Lord Ashcroft’s Belize bank provided “tax evasion services”. Lord Ashcroft can clearly pay to hire talent that actually understands the offshore world and the great opportunities it offers individuals, companies and governments.

Murphy estimates that “£25 billion is lost annually from tax avoidance”. Now imagine if failed GLC Finance man John McDonnell became Chancellor and Jeremy Corbyn was PM. £25B is how much money would leave the UK for offshore centres every minute while he and his dodgy comrades were still celebrating conning the masses with magic money tree bollocks.

Back in the real world, Richard Murphy is a dollar store accountant. Corbyn is a Trotskyite outlier. John McDonnell is a perennial loser and a bully to boot. Murphy and his Magic Money Tree make the utterings of even Yanos Varoufakis seem intelligent.

City University? Another one to cross off the “graduate recruit” list.