Momentum & Labour Sick Antisemites

In recent weeks the failure of Corbyn Labour and Lansman Momentum to deny a rife antisemitism problem inside the Labour Party and centred around their far left clique has led many voices out there to dismiss them as political losers. After a summer of 2017 when they showed so much promise and Corbyn promised he’d be PM in 6 months.

What a fall from grace.

Oddly their fall coincided with the rise of People’s Rampart. But, seriously, an antisemitism problem needs no spotlight. It will always rear its ugly head and this was always going to be the final nail in the coffin for Labour’s journey to the left.

When you have left wingers like Nick Lowles openly deriding you, you know the game is up:

hope not hate

Your opponents take the piss:

labour in a nutshell

And, even worse, you can’t organise a piss up in a brewery:

momentum irony

Momentous fail.

Who needs Rampart? 

As Janet Daley writes in the Telegraph:

“You have to wonder how many of the people who still regard themselves as Labour voters have any idea of what it is they are supporting. But there is a more salient question: do the people who have seized control over the thing that used to be known as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, have any idea of what they are doing? My honest guess is that the bizarre transformational series of events which has rendered the Labour party unrecognisable was so sudden and so unexpected (even by the principal actors) that nobody actually knows where this is going. More than anything it has the flavour of an unsubtle parody: the Accidental Revolution.”

Too bloody right, Janet.

That kinder, gentler politics has been well and truly EXPOSED.