Momentum in Informant Tizz

After some serious leaks in recent days there has been some introspection across Momentum groups up and down the country. Not only do Momentum have to fight the intractable anti Semitism battle, it seems clear to them now that their numbers have been invaded by leakers and informants, often from socialist splinter groups and Trotskyite enclaves.

The leaks keep coming for the Sunday newspapers. Every week for the past three months there has been a Corbyn story in the Mail on Sunday and every week there is a clue in their story as to which Labour insider is leaking the titbits that colour the story.

Only two groups thus far have claimed a Momentum insider. The ostracised Socialist Workers and the group calling itself Labour Marxists. When the latter was asked why they have cadres inside the Momentum organisation, a LM spokesperson confirmed they were there as a “guarantee” and were privy to NEC business thus able to affect decisions on other splinters.

Meanwhile there is growing concern among Luton Momentum about the insidious influence of the Islamic community in Luton on Momentum. One Labour councillor mentioned, “it’s like fucking ISIS round here. The imams have sent their drones to hijack us. And we can’t compete with their numbers.”

They say that in the year before a group disbands it becomes inward looking.

We’re already a couple of months into that year. Antisemitism seems to be the one spanner thrown in the works which has stopped the Momentum engine.

Too late to buy another one.

The freewheel to oblivion continues…..