Assist Rampart

What Do We Need?

  • Come Forward Informants, Leavers & Leakers. You have our confidence. You will maintain your anonymity by helping us.
  • Funds. Lots of funds. For videos, operations, investigations, the maintenance of the Rampart Campaign & for supporting the Rampart team.
  • We need volunteer content makers. Film makers, video editors, music makers and writers. Let’s start a cultural revolution that makes the likes of Stormzy and other cultural icons who support Corbyn and Bernie seem outmoded. We may well be able to pay you to create more if the funding goes well. Send content to us via Sendspace using email address peoplesrampart (at) gmail dot com


Ask yourself this question:

Do you want to fund us to try and take away the Hard Left problem or risk paying much more later when the Hard Left has captured Downing Street and The White House? 



What are our parameters?

  • No Press.
  • The Law.
  • No hackers please.
  • No hidden cameras.
  • No data theft.
  • No exploitation.
  • The Truth.


What are our advantages?

  • No party affiliation.
  • Prepared to fight fire with fire unlike gutless political parties.
  • Able to hit the streets and expose the Hard Left’s trolls.
  • Able to operate like a nimble pirate galleon amongst clunky political entity tankers.
  • Nothing to lose.
  • Invincible British imagination & chutzpah.
  • Popularity.
  • Reason.
  • History on Our Side.
  • Humility.