Momentum in Informant Tizz

After some serious leaks in recent days there has been some introspection across Momentum groups up and down the country. Not only do Momentum have to fight the intractable anti Semitism battle, it seems clear to them now that their numbers have been invaded by leakers and informants, often from socialist splinter groups and Trotskyite enclaves. The leaks keep coming for the Sunday newspapers. Every … Continue reading Momentum in Informant Tizz

Is Marc Wadsworth History?

A lot of unhappy campers in Labour about this. Recriminations between the party’s various sects. Promises of reinstatement behind the scenes and others saying good riddance. Never has the show of unity been put to such a great test and the fissures in Labour/Momentum seem set to continue to be exposed. From the Independent: Labour has expelled the activist who criticised Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth at the launch of a … Continue reading Is Marc Wadsworth History?