Anti-Semites V Anti-Semites Breakaway

From HENRY ZEFFMAN in The Times:  First came allegations of antisemitism among grassroots supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader. Then came the backlash, as those suspended or expelled accused Labour of a witch hunt. Now the backlash has spawned its own backlash, after a landlord banned rival hard-left factions from meeting in his pub. Labour Against the Witchhunt (LAW), which protests against suspensions … Continue reading Anti-Semites V Anti-Semites Breakaway

Momentum Labour Infighting on Anti-Antisemitism

An Open Letter to Tony Greenstein and Jack Conrad from Gerry Downing: Neither Ian Donovan nor Gerry Downing are responsible for what Gilad Atzmon thinks and writes or his mistaken postmodern methodology. However his views are motivated by a hatred of Zionism and its weaponising of the Holocaust to justify their treatment of the Palestinians. A stance and the reasons for it you never acknowledge. … Continue reading Momentum Labour Infighting on Anti-Antisemitism