We’ll go after Momentum first, then focus on Sanders and the other Hard Left cadres threatening the Free World.

Momentum is the brainchild of Jon Lansmann, who has had many years in the political wilderness, and suffered much personal pain. Often backed into a corner, he has used his brain carefully and radiantly to develop what has the potential, backed by the Web, to become a political behemoth, designed like a hydra to survive the attacks Lansmann knew would follow because of its two major weaknesses: a lack of talent and a surplus of trolls who agree with its green-eyed political ideology.

The bad news is that, from our investigations and research into this group, we are convinced that Momentum is a poisonous and negative entity run by a small clique of Britain-hating Trotskyites, like Militant of the past and comprising many Militant cadres. It has stolen the Labour Party from its decent, working class core and the energy surrounding the group does not come from the wizened old Trotskyites who man it but the wide-eyed young people who have been conned into discovering the wrong kind of politics for the first time. The good news is that the nature of social media has allowed Momentum to appear much bigger than it really is and they are a very porous group.

We shouldn’t be ashamed of making mistakes, or of changing our minds. The reality is that if you support Jeremy Corbyn now, you’re part of a tiny minority. It is now clear to see that the Corbyn support that continues to crowd social media, and the rallies with thousands of people filling town squares up and down the country, is nothing but froth.

Sadly, we have found that Momentum do not care a jot for the young members they conned. They are ready to ditch them at the drop of a hat; ideally when Downing Street has been reached. We have also uncovered a series of ice-cold recruitment strategies, including the specific targeting of middle-aged women in unfulfilling relationships, who Momentum see as easy votes.

We are ready to dismantle Momentum. For the nation. To turn it into a bunch of rats ripping each other apart in a sack. Just how they were when Tony Blair ran Labour and they were reduced to selling newspapers on university campuses and getting publicly ridiculed. Just how they would be if they ever reached power and, God forbid, were forced to meet a real world promise to its conned members.

How will Rampart destroy Momentum?

Through the quintuple process of:

  1. Painstaking exposing of Momentum’s real goals, its personnel and strategies
  2. Rifling the piss out of their lies by telling the truth.
  3. Addressing the genuine grievances of Generation X through Millennials to Generation Z, who are less likely to own their own homes, are connected to each other by recent tech and tend to be socially liberal (a characteristic Momentum has successfully hijacked in the past for its own nefarious goals). By showing there are solutions to these voters’ problems without throwing the country to the dogs.
  4. Welcoming leavers of Momentum and their insider information leaks.
  5. Showing how Momentum and its associated units avoid paying tax and how Russian state funds filtered through private donors and unions help give Momentum momentum.

For the last 18 months we have been infiltrating Momentum and turning some of its existing associates. As a result, we now possess emails, audio and documents which we believe will fatally crack open the organisation and reveal a very different face to its public face. Not one that any cool student or wise voter would ever wish to be associated with.

We shall feed this material into the public domain as the year progresses. In the meantime, we will use this material to prize Momentum activists away from the group one by one.

Yes, Momentum is an organisation closely linked with Islamist and Irish terrorism and it includes anti-Semites in its ranks – we have amassed concrete evidence of this – but what the mainstream press and investigators have missed is that Momentum (the “lifeblood of the Labour Party”) de facto seeks to:

  • dismantle the monarchy
  • in true National Socialist style, has a hit list of publications it seeks to close
  • has a working plan (a kind of Mein Kampf oeuvre) outlining a disturbing revolution
  • in spite of its “egalitarianism”, it is a very money reward oriented entity (its members have even chosen the plush properties they wish to seize for themselves) and its (often criminal) trolls know they will be rewarded when Corbyn enters Number 10
  • seeks to disband the British Army
  • includes cadres who celebrated terror attacks on the UK & allies
  • employs a fake news programme involving sites like Skwawkbox and Evolve Politics
  • for foreign policy sees the US replaced as chief ally by Palestine
  • plans to fashion “chaos on the streets” in Britain like we have not seen since the Civil War in an attempt to justify increased central power
  • does not care one jot for the exodus it wishes to create; a brain drain never seen in Britain of those who merely happen to disagree with its political ideologies

Liberals will say, “let Momentum continue as it is”, as we live in a democracy after all. That is not how we see Momentum or democracy. We see Momentum as a revolutionary party within a party which seeks to do damage to the UK, ditch the monarchy and get to power by any means, including the brainwashing of Britain’s young. For democracy to flourish there must be truth. For truth to be seen there must be entities like Rampart to fight the dark of untruth with the light of truth.

If these matters were not so serious, we would not bother. The fact is that these Momentum plans are insidious. Think Spectre and times that by a hundred. These dangerous people have got hold of one of our nation’s two major political parties, for God’s sake!

We must wake up.


We are here to resist the Momentum revolution. No-one else is…

Those anti Corbyn Labour MPs are too fearful of losing their seats. The Tories have done what? They have set up Activate and then added a code of conduct, as if Momentum are to be beaten by well-meaning chit-chat and cheese-and-wine events! The Lib Dems are too busy surviving to pass opinion on Momentum. Wake up, people!

Momentum need to be fought where they belong: in the gutter. And hopefully many of their personnel shall be prosecuted for what they have been doing on Momentum’s behalf.

In time we will be thanked for the risky and painstaking work we have undertaken, and will continue to undertake, until Momentum has been exposed and destroyed.

Right now, begrudgingly, to protect our families, we insist on anonymity.

We will not work with journalists as we are not party political like the newspapers nor biased like the TV channels. Do not bother contacting us, journalists. We will choose one honest journalist to work with and they will be our sole point of contact with the media. We will choose a journalist known as an outrider.

All our work will be published here on the website or on our Twitter account.

Meanwhile, we thank you for your interest, and thank you for your support. We will succeed, and we look forward to sharing our victory with you. This is our time. Your time. Every generation faces a battle for freedom and, while the Islamist threat is not one to be ignored, this is the battle of our generation in Britain.

Rifling the piss out of the truths we expose will require the very best video mixers and meme creators and we look forward to seeing your work, for which there is a good chance you will be remunerated if we can keep Rampart well-funded. Those who fell for Momentum’s empty promises at the 2017 General Election will soon turn their backs on the Pied Piper, just as Kevin Spacey was cool last summer.

Two points of housekeeping:

When you see who we are really up against, as we expose those people pulling the strings and manning the Momentum ranks, please do not laugh. Take them seriously. By laughing at them, we are giving them a get-out-of-jail free card and they will continue to pull our young people into their tent. Remember how we laughed at Omar Bakri and we cracked jokes about Abu Hamza before their proteges exploded themselves on our tube network.? We must take these Momentum people seriously, even though you’d walk past most of them on the street and feel pity for them in the real world.

Let’s not forget these people are, as we write, on the verge of power and they are licking their lips at just how close they are to their sleazy revolution.

Secondly, remember that Momentum raised hundreds of thousands of pounds, as well as sucking funds off unions. To compete with that we need to get donations in. The bigger our war chest, the more chance we have of the desired Momentum implosion we seek to achieve for the health of our country and its wonderful, freedom-loving people.

Our promise as Rampart:

We will combine the intellectual rigour of a traditional think tank with the zeal of a revolutionary committee. If we are to win this culture war, great arguments, first rate talent and inspirational thinkers are necessary but not sufficient; what we also need are the fighting spirit and tactical nous which will galvanise our supporters, especially our young supporters, and inspire them to action. We need to use what the young understand – social media and readily-comprehensible factoids – to win hearts and minds.

We need to embrace the new technologies of mass communication – instead of writing reports read by the few, we must broadcast our winning message to the crowd in ways they understand. In short, we need to red pill the next generation.

 If we fail, You fail.

If we fail, we promise to volunteer to be the first rebels that Momentum line up to be executed.

God Save the Queen.

Rampart – For the Many Not the Few