Anti-Semites V Anti-Semites Breakaway

From HENRY ZEFFMAN in The Times:  First came allegations of antisemitism among grassroots supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader. Then came the backlash, as those suspended or expelled accused Labour of a witch hunt. Now the backlash has spawned its own backlash, after a landlord banned rival hard-left factions from meeting in his pub. Labour Against the Witchhunt (LAW), which protests against suspensions … Continue reading Anti-Semites V Anti-Semites Breakaway

Open Letter To The Electoral Commission

Dear Electoral Commission, Parties You may well be looking at how many thousands of pounds of Momentum funds were used to entice votes from voters at GE2017. Where did the money go? You may well be looking at the wrong kind of party. You see, Momentum “bought” Labour votes by getting at young voters and knocking on the door of anyone else who might be … Continue reading Open Letter To The Electoral Commission

Momentum: Trotskyite Trojans

As if reports of Momentum getting infiltrated by Trotskyites weren’t already ubiquitous, now even those kicked out from Labour are banging on the door of the new Labour Disputes Resolution Team to work a way back in to the fold. Why would they want to? Ask Labour Socialist Network’s Nick Wrack, who thinks Corbyn is too mainstream and wants REVOLUTION not continued kowtowing to capitalism: … Continue reading Momentum: Trotskyite Trojans