Electoral Commission: Finding the Corpses

The Electoral Commission on the 7th of December 2017 announced it had opened an investigation to establish whether Momentum, a registered non-party campaigner at the 2017 UK Parliamentary General Election, breached campaign finance rules in relation to spending. The investigation will look at: whether or not Momentum spent in excess of the spending limits for an unauthorised non-party campaigner in the UK Parliamentary general election; … Continue reading Electoral Commission: Finding the Corpses

The Final Straw

There are Momentum members who have been suspended by the Labour Party for good reasons. Anti-Semitism, racism, misogyny, sexual harassment and a plethora of other bona fide reasons. There are Hard Left groupings, like the rape-covering SWP, Trotskyite AWL and Loach’s Left Unity who were sensibly never permitted anywhere near the Labour Party but who dissolved quite serenely into Jon Lansmann’s Momentum, as he was … Continue reading The Final Straw

What Momentum Wants

By promoting the group Labour Party Marxists towards membership of the Labour Party, Momentum has its most hardcore entryists inside the party and influencing from within its structures. What do Labour Party Marxists, otherwise known as the Communist Party of Great Britain, want to see from Labour? Here is what they say on the tin (read below their main points for what they actually want, … Continue reading What Momentum Wants

Don’t Bother Paying Tax

The Momentum machine, like the Nazi Party, has a dual approach to propaganda: promoting promotional propaganda units and targeting enemy free speech. The latter is achieved via the social media troll factory and virtual engagement and funding, focusing on advertiser harassment. Also, by supporting initiatives like Stop Funding Hate, who are in turn vehement supporters (like Sheila Sullivan) of Jeremy Corbyn. The Modus Operandi of … Continue reading Don’t Bother Paying Tax

Momentum’s Shameless Recruitment Strategy

A misogynous Momentum activist lets a bit too much slip to a friend, who posed as having some interest in joining Momentum as an activist. This conversation was leaked to Rampart. It shows how calculating Momentum activists are and how they have adopted the techniques of Soviet regimes to target women in particular. From a Facebook DM conversation captured between a Momentum newbie and Momentum … Continue reading Momentum’s Shameless Recruitment Strategy