Let’s face it, we’re up against the The People’s Front of Judea!

Nonetheless, the enemy merits attention and exposure. Corbyn/Momentum almost took Downing Street in 2017 and was not far off winning the US Democratic Presidential ticket in 2016 but for some Clinton corruption.

Rampart will hit its targets in 2 waves.

First, we’ll take the whole embarrassing rabble out:

  • Momentum & its Offshoots
  • Far / Hard Left placers inside the Labour Party
  • Those secretly plotting to topple the British Royal House
  • #FeeltheBern

Next, we’ll expose the hell out of:

  • Abuse of Unions
  • Russian Funding of the Hard Left
  • Russian attempts to use the Hard Left to break the Special Relationship
  • Far Left – Extremist Islamist & Other Terror Links
  • The dangerous drivel emanating from the likes of Novara Media
  • Breaking of Electoral Law
  • Charity Takeovers by the Hard Left
  • Theft of University Funds & Grants by Momentum-related academics
  • Trotskyite affiliates embedded in Labour since Corbyn took over
  • Die-hard Bolshevik reenactment groups once suspended from Labour
  • The ulterior motives of pressure groups linked to this Hard Left movement

The indomitable spirit of man can transcend the ephemeral evils of any given time or place. Join Us & Support Us please as we expose this crew of Communists posing as mainstreamers. 


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