The Hard Left depends to a great extent on the Web. Why? To amplify its relatively small number of supporters in the real world. One of the ways it does this is by creating obnoxious troll “armies” and “factories” which they use to target those who do not share their obtuse political stance.

Here we expose the trolls.

Please send us photos of other trolls and the evidence for including sending them to Troll Jail.

If you land up here and want to be removed, send us the evidence for why you think you should be removed. We are fair here at Rampart. We only place trolls in this jail who we are 100% sure have engaged in anti social trolling for the Hard Left, Momentum, Corbyn or Bernie Sanders. Some people listed here have been busted for overt antisemitism, which is a tragedy in itself, let alone in 2018 when evidence can be checked and conspiracy theorists have been shot down with facts.

nadeem ahmed

Nadeem Ahmed

aaron bastani

Aaron Bastani


Josh Connor

andrew fisher

Andrew Fisher

sde323221Sophie Nazemi


Richard Seymour

max shanly

Max Shanly


Jackie Walker

marc wadsworth

Marc Wadsworth